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  • The Ministry of Angels

In the Book of Hebrews, the Bible tells us not to neglect the great salvation and deliverance that is found in the ministry of Angels. Angels are set in the earth by God to bring deliverance to God’s sons and daughters who operate in faith. In this four-CD series, Pastor Jerry tells us how to cooperate with the ministering spirits God has set in the earth for the heirs of salvation.

God has given man the ability to choose His words and destiny. Angels were created by God as His servants, and they are spiritual machines. Believers commission angels by speaking the Word of God. Angels in turn hearken to man’s words that line up with God’s Word. In this series, learn the operation of angels and how to release them to work on your behalf.

Angels are here on the earth at God’s disposal to bring the plan of God to fruition in believers’ lives. Learn to release angels to bring all of God’s inheritance that He planned for you from the foundation of the earth.

In this series, you will learn:

  • The Operation of Angels.
  • How to Release Angels to Bring in God’s Inheritance.
  • Man Has the Ability to Choose His Words and Destiny.
  • How to Cooperate and Commission the Angels.

The Ministry of Angels

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